Fire Sprinkler System Types


Domestic Sprinkler Systems AS 2118.5, are generally suitable for Class 1 dwellings; eg. single dwelling house or unit.

  • It is recommended that smoke alarms be installed in conjunction with a domestic sprinkler system AS2118.5.

Residential System

Residential Sprinkler Systems AS 2118.4, are generally suitable for Class 2 and 3 buildings up to four stories in height; eg. special residential service buildings, hostels, hotels, etc.

  • These systems, although not essential, can be connected back to the Fire Brigade or a service monitoring organisation.
  • It is recommended that an automatic fire detection and alarm system is to be installed as per relevant sections of the BCA.
  • Consider having a Booster Connection unless otherwise not required due to excessive local pressure.

The two systems are similar in hardware but have some differences in performance requirements under the standards.