Do you know if your home or building complies with the Building Code of Australia (BCA) and Fire Regulations?

Over the years we have arranged and undertaken 1000’s of inspections on residential properties to determine their condition and collect data that assist Asset Managers develop strategic asset management plans.

Fire is a distressing and destructive reality. In the event of fire engulfing your property, wouldn’t you want be protected in every way possible?

Our industry experts have years of experience in Building Inspection and Fire Safety Services ensure that you’re safety and compliance always comes first.

Know more about your property portfolio and bring your building up to code with Asset Maintenance Australia and have a positive effect on your insurance premiums.

Protect yourself and your neighbours with Asset Maintenance Australian and apply correct Fire Safety prevention methods.

Call us today and have experienced professionals assess your home or commercial building in the following areas:


  • Condition Audit Assessments
  • Home Assessment Reports
  • Life Cost Cycle Plans
  • Strategic Asset Management Plans
  • Preparation of scopes of works and budget estimates to undertake building repairs and upgrading work


  • Installation of Fire Rated Plemum boxes over exhaust fans
  • Fire rated entry doors fully installed with closers, locks and handles
  • Fire rating service shaft penetrations in between each floor level
  • Installation of fire resistance rockwool to boundary walls
  • Application of intrumescent coatings to ceilings and walls
  • Supply and installation of fire rated hatches,  manholes and access panels
  • Emergency lighting
  • Smoke alarm installation and maintenance
  • Parapet Walls

Call Asset Maintenance Australia now and let us help you manage your assets.

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